Styling Contemporary Muslim Fashion Presentation at the DeYoung Museum

In recent years, Muslim fashion has been recognized as an important part of the global fashion industry. When the opportunity arose for me to style a fashion presentation that was held for the grand opening of a new exhibit at the De Young Museum, called “Contemporary Muslim Fashions”, I jumped on it.

Muslim fashion has had a history of challenges in the industry and this exhibit shed a light on Muslim designers and the misconceptions that come with modest fashion. This show was made to start a positive conversation about Muslim fashions and demystify the Muslim dress, which has often been under- or misrepresented. The exhibit celebrates the creativity and diversity of modest dressing, a significant market that the larger fashion industry is finally waking up to.

The main incredible designers showcasing their piece for the exhibit and our fashion presentation were Dian Pelangi, Melinda Looi, and the luxury retailer, The Modist. From streetwear to couture, the designs featured in the “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” exhibit and our show were stunning, to say the least.

I worked side by side with an amazing team, Stephan Rabimov, and Farnaz Dadashi. Stephan orchestrated the fashion show and each aspect of its production. Farnaz was the main stylist, bringing her cultural background and experience to each of the looks created. I was brought on as an onset accessory stylist, responsible for the nitty details of each look.

To curate the accessories needed for the show, I worked closely with Ilona Rinenburg, the owner on Closet 1951 on Union Street in San Francisco, and the luxury retailer, the Modist. It was such an intriguing experience to select accessories that spoke to a particular side of a Muslim culture while also representing the modern Muslim woman with style. The event featured a round stage that each of the models walked around to show off every aspect of the ensemble.

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Having a display of this magnitude is a huge step in increasing diverse culture in the fashion industry. For many Muslims, this show of high fashion spreads positive awareness of their culture amid a world of prejudice. I highly recommend you check out the exhibit that is currently on display at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, CA until January 2019.

Courtesy Of DeYoung Museum

If you see it, you’ll realize the exhibition isn’t only about the Middle East and offers an extraordinary range of inclusion and diversity, showcasing Muslim fashion from around the world.

Thank you for reading and keep styling,