Fall Trend Report

Fall Trend Report: Colors, Silhouettes, and Accessories Appearing in Designer and Emerging Brand’s A/W 21 Collections

Now that fall has finally approached, it is time to ditch the sandals and sundresses. Although some of the world has gotten back into the swing of things, all of that time spent tucked away might have put a toll on your fashion sense. 


Fashion month is around the corner, meaning the trends are buzzing everywhere. It can be hard to get a grasp on what exactly is fashionable or stylish nowadays, but after reading this, you will be able to know the trends and add your own twist to them.


Listed below are colors, silhouettes and accessories that are hot for this 2021 Fall.


All of the examples written are perfect for riding the current fashion crazes while keeping your own unique look. 





The minimalism that beige brings to an outfit is essential. A staple color that can be played with in so many ways. It can be used to dress an outfit up or down or add sophistication or relaxation to the feel of an outfit. 


On and off the runway, beige has been grabbing the attention of everyone’s eye. 


Emerging designer, Yana Besfamilnaya (pictured below) chose beige as a key color in her Dragons 2021 collection. Her unique layering tactic brought dimension to the neutral color. 


Yana is an on the rise Russian designer, her pieces are available at oliamoda.com.



Bright shades of orange like carrot, pumpkin, and flame have been seen on the runway, social media and in emerging brands. 


Off- White’s A/W 2021 collection showcased a variety of oranges. For example: shoes, dresses, purses, gloves and more. 


Burberry also featured pops of orange in their A/W 2021 show. 


Emerging Russian brand, Dyuso also hopped on this color trend for their latest drop. Composed completely in orange is a half shoulder blouse with a puffy sleeve, as well as one but flat, a constructed corset, a fringe filled tan boxy dress, a high neck ruffled top with a matching skirt, and a loose top.


As we can see, bright orange is definitely hot this season.


Incorporating this type of orange into your fall outfits will add a fun twist. Whether you’re wearing it monochromatically or in small details, orange will create depth to an outfit and will keep you looking stylish.



In need of spicing up an outfit? Go with lavender, it’s a bold color with a youthful feel. Seen as dresses, blazers, blouses, and sweaters, lavender has great diversity. This season, the runways went with material like mohair, faux fur and velvet to feature the beautiful color.       





In general, tight clothing is very favorable. However the obsession that Gen Z and Millnineals currently have with 90’s and early 2000’s y2k fashion further escalates the trend of skin tight clothing for this fall season.


Appearing in emerging brands, Saynomore loves to show off their ability to create body-hugging garments. A two piece set, sold individuality, including a white bolero and a white corset show the perfect relationship between layering pieces and remaining sexy. 


If interested in staying on trend and purchasing their pieces, visit oliamoda.com.



Getting out of comfort zones, many are testing the waters with crazy silhouettes. 


Whether this means a huge outline of a blob or a constructed avante garde design, many designers and consumers did not choose to stay safe this season. 


A prime example of this was Marc Jacobs. Excessive would definitely be an adjective used to describe it. Layering, hats, hoots, coats, pants, and boots, all added to this effect. 


As designs like this start to hit social media, the public will most likely get a hold of this trend. 


Upcoming brand, Saynomore constantly fabricates extraordinary abstract silhouettes. For example their denim suit has bubble arms and a tight glute area. It is such a gorgeous design that remains modest but outgoing at the same time. 




Textured handbags

A lot of people like a good bag, but everybody loves an amazing bag.


Puffy, Quilted, and Shearling bags have been making a statement on and off the runway; brands like Prada, Stella McCartney and Sayya are turning heads with their inspiring designs.


This subtle trend is an eye catcher that will romanticize any outfit. The terry cloth Prada mini purse is a unanimous ten that has been popping up on all forms of social media. Loads of celebrities have been seen purchasing this bag as well as the matching slides and bucket hat. This mass consumption has pushed the public to be even more obsessed with it.


Sayya, an emerging brand from Ukraine sells their own version of a trendy textured bag. Their faux fur purses come in a large size and mini size, both scales are completely in style. The choice of hot pink drives the attention of a younger audience.


Check out Sayya at oliamoda.com to keep up with the trends.



A variety of boots have been trending all over the runways and the internet. 


Cowboy boots, western boots, thigh highs and clogs are the most popular ones to buy. Pair any of these with a mini skirt, chucky belt and a printed long sleeve for the perfect 90’s inspired outfit. 


One of the most iconic fashion influencers, Emma Chamberlain who is constantly setting trends, recently broke the internet with a photo of her wearing black thigh high boots. If you needed a sign to buy a pair, well here it is! 


Get your own, in a similar style from Sayya called the Hessian Boots or go for a fun green heel at oliamoda.com


No matter what trend you decide to go with this fall, don’t forget to make it your own! Whether you choose just one or all of them, have fun with it.