3 Female Russian Fashion Designers High on the Heels of Success

If any industry should be dominated by women; it’s fashion. Yet it is surprising to see the statistics and learn that the global fashion industry is still dominated by men.  Russia is no different.  Designers such as Slava Zaitsev and Denis Simachev are some of the few industry leaders. This male dominance has begun taking a shift with female created fashion brands. New women are emerging and establishing themselves as leaders and innovators of the Russian Fashion Industry.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia provides a fantastic platform for any talent to be discovered on a worldly level. The 37th season of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia surprised me with the vast amount of extremely talented and newly established female designers poised for global success.

Here are 3 female Russian fashion designers that you must have on your radar:

Yasya Micohkina

I have been following Yasya’s creations for a few years now and had the opportunity to have a quick conversation after her wonderful show. Minochkina, a stunning beauty herself, is a Central Saint Martin’s graduate. Her mission since graduation has been to contribute her worldly aesthetic on style and design to her large local following as well as to expand her brand abroad. You can find celebrities like Irina Shauk rocking her dresses at red carpet events. Her recent collection showcased such a delicate mix of lace and textures accentuating the female form and her essence. Minochkina is hoping to lauch her barnd in the US soon, so she is definitely the one to look out for.

Courtesy Of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia


Alena Akhmadulina

Alena is no newbie in this industry.  She first founded her very successful brand in 2001 and has since become one of the hallmarks in the history of contemporary Russian fashion. Drawing inspiration from Russian and foreign fairy tales, Alena delivers majestic designs that make you feel like a real-life fairy. It was my favorite fashion presentation of the 37th season. She boasted sophisticated textures, vibrant colors, elegant shapes, and modern sewing techniques. It was a trip to the fairytale land that left me daydreaming of me dressed in her pieces.  Alena has been showing at Paris Fashion week and featured on Net-A-Porte.

Courtesy Of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia

Anastasia Dokuchaeva

Anastasia first caught my eye last season, with her contemporary mix of textures and edgy styling technique. This recent season, Anastasia presented a striking collection that resembled a stylish rave party of a sophisticated modern woman. She achieved such a cohesiveness to her collection by sending out each model to rock the runway in a white wig and signature red shades. Stylish combos of jackets and dresses, jumpsuits and tops, wild color palette clashes like zebra and stripes roamed the runway keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.  Anastasia’s creative eye makes her a profound innovator in the Russian fashion industry. She is able to combine the essence of youth and elegance in her designs. Her collections definitely speak to my wild side and what Oliamoda style is all about.

Courtesy Of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia

These three female Russian fashion designers are nothing short of extraordinary! From haute couture to street style these designers will be expanding their global presence with force. Which one of these ladies are you most impressed by?